About Us


Al Jazirah Agencies Holding is a prominent, 100% private shareholding company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As one of the fastest growing companies in the Middle East, it is widely regarded as one of the most successful. In addition to owning shares in subsidiaries and associated companies, it manages over 2500 employees, primarily operating in the region's most dynamic and strategic economy.

Over the past 37 years, our holding has experienced steady growth, starting with our first venture Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Company (AJVACO) in 1987, which is currently the world's largest distributor of Ford Motor Company and the leading marketer of Ford spare parts worldwide. Capitalizing on our sound holding business structure, we effectively operate a vast geographical network of branches and offices in every major city and suburb throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the fifth largest country in Asia, and the second biggest in the Arab world.

Our leader's vision inspired the early implementation of the business expansion strategy. Consequently, we were able to expand our automobile trading business into vehicle maintenance, tuning, rental, transportation, luxury, and ultra-luxury offerings, representing iconic automobile brands. By pursuing this strategy, the holding has effectively diversified into sectors such as security services, real estate, industrial service, maintenance, and logistics.

Today, we continue to focus on growing the holding's subsidiaries' market share and portfolio of companies, as well as exploring new markets and sectors. Additionally, the company is committed to developing strategic partnerships with high profile global brands. As a result of these partnerships, we were able to meet the automotive needs of a wide range of clients throughout the Kingdom. The holding's steady business growth prompts us to explore new business opportunities and leverage our market knowledge and years of experience, supported by the family's business acumen.

We dedicate ourselves to authentic, enduring development through our relationships with our clients, our brand partners, and our staff. With a strong commitment to initiative, integrity, and excellence, embodied in our Arabian culture and its fundamental values, we anchor our relationships.