37+ years of excellence For more than 37 years, we’ve established long-standing bonds of trust, partnership, and reliability across the Kingdom.
    2500+ Highly qualified and trained employees In order to accomplish our mission, we have a highly trained, experienced, and qualified team.
    650,000+ Units sold on the road (1986 - 2022) As a group that has been in business for years, we have sold many vehicles throughout the Saudi market.
    2 Million+ Repair and service jobs (1986 - 2022) Throughout the years, we have carried out a huge number of repair and service jobs with the help of our expert technicians.
    200+ Sales point across Saudi Arabia With a huge sales network covering the whole country, we are able to reach all of our customers and provide them with the best service possible.
    2022 IT Department won
    Business Transformation Award
    2021 Ford President's Award
    - Vehicles Sales
    2021 Ford Standards
    Conformity Award
    2019 Ford President’s Award for
    Part’s Wholesale & Retail


    The journey of success of "Al-Jazirah Vehicles Agencies" company is one of the success stories that was setup on the basis of building trust and that in turn paved the way for the establishment of such a great organization from which it continued its way to assume its renowned position among the industry greats, as it is considered one of the leading companies in the automotive sector, and that was launched with an unwavering focus and commitment as the first dealer for Ford and Lincoln cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 1986, the company started from a humble tent in a courtyard used to store vehicles. Since day one, we wanted to start strong and that is why we distinguished ourselves by laying down a set of standards that will form the foundations for our path starting from the formation of a professional team, to providing the best-in-class cars, seeking the best in market service and customer satisfaction, and ensuring premium customer and after-sales services support.

    Besides representing the one of the oldest and most established brands in the world, we were able to gain the trust of Ford Motor Company as well as our loyal customers in a record time. And this has secured us a sustainable business model through a distinctive and extended network of significant offices and branches, state of the art and modern maintenance centers, and warehouses for cars and spare parts, backed by a strong and rapidly growing Saudi economy.

    Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Kraidees Chairman of the Board of Directors

    In partnership with the manufacturing companies, we have not spared any effort or capability to develop and train our working teams and staff through organizing intensive training programs to hone their skills, not to mention, our ongoing collaborations with the technical colleges and institutes for the sake of ensuring the most premium and exclusive service to customers. Our family of employees is made up of highly qualified managers and technicians. We also pride ourselves with having local talents who have won several appreciation awards and recognitions. Our Saudization rate is high and continuously improving as we continue to invest and attract the best local candidates and calibers.

    Furthermore, we are following the path of success that we have started with on all levels. Our sales have increased year after year recording impressive growth, which is shown by our growing market share locally over the past few years, making us the largest Ford dealer globally in terms of sales. As a Saudi Company, we are fully dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the Saudi market and the continuous coordination with the manufacturers to provide the best models and the latest technologies in this ever-evolving sector to ensure that our vehicles reflect the desires of customers. With our expert vision, knowledge, and experience of our market and customers, we stay on top of the trends and developments in the automotive world to ensure the best ownership experience ever.

    Over the past four decades, we have won many awards and recorded numerable achievements that led us to the leading position we have in the Saudi market. Today, and despite our success, we are still as committed to our main visions and objectives that constitute the main driver of our success, which include our continuous drive to invest in expanding our business, developing our national talents, following the best-in-class health and safety measures, and fulfilling our duty to serve our Saudi society in various societal, educational, technical, environmental, and sports aspects.

    I would like to thank my family in Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Company, for their pivotal role and commitment in making the company a role model for success and distinction.